Hermes lacquered bangle bracelets

Apr 15, 2007
Hi ladies,

I am thinking about getting several of these lacquered bracelets

and wondering if anyone has them? If they are fragile meaning

do they chip easy and if you like the overall look of them and

do you wear multiples (meaning several different widths)

ANd what your suggestions might be..Thanks for your thoughts!:smile:


Sep 2, 2006
I have one in black and one in white (the narrow ones) and really like them. Very light weight and easy to wear.

I also have the Elsa Peretti lacquer wood bracelets (which are, surprisingly, a lot more expensive). I think over time, the lacquer will wear but so far so good. I don't wear either the Hermes or the Peretti ones frequently but have had the Peretti ones longer, stack them, and they definitely show marks over time. Those don't bother me, though.
Apr 15, 2007
I also have several Peretti lacquered bangles... and love them... but the colors

that Peretti does (basic black, red, vanilla, purple, green, mahoghany & then

the ones that have a special combos w/gold) are different than what Hermes does..

the colors that Hermes does are fabulous and also Peretti just does one width..

the Hermes are wider and you can stack them which is what I like to do..

my SA said they have a tendency to crack . so that is what I am wondering about..

I am careful with my things so wouldn't wear them for dinner or lunch out with

the hubby or friends...