Hermes La & Whitebus

  1. Who has either of these? I love the shape of both, and want to know more about these bags. Are they still available to purchase from Hermes?
  2. Hey Sarah, I HAD a Thalassa Boxcalf WhiteBus and I sold it.:cry: :sad2: I want it back SSSSOOOO bad. I LOVED that bag but I need the funds for something else, I don't even remember what anymore.:sad:

    It's such an awesome bag. Perfect tote for work for sure. Mine was a 40cm. You can see pictures of it on my "about me" page on eBay. Just click the link below.

    BTW, the person who bought my whitebus knows that I want first dibs when she's ready to sell it. I hope she remembers.:sad2:
  3. The thalassa WhiteBus is beautiful!!!
  4. Yea, I remember yours now Mon! I didnt realize yours was a thalassa, but I remember you had a whitebus before. Oh dear god you missed it huh? I hope you can get it back dahling. Oh btw, I saw a rouge one on eBay just before, it has been there a while, looks like it's not very popular huh?
  5. Sarah the Rouge one on eBay is really small. Mine was nice and big.
  6. your Rouge H chevre Birkin!! Gorgeous!!
  7. Wow! Thanks.:biggrin:
  8. I saw a whitebus at 2 Hermes stores last month so Hermes should still be making it. It only saw the bigger sizes (don't know how big exactly) but seems perfect for carrying a laptop.
  9. Yep, I just saw one as well in the San Francisco store. In a lovely blue (sorry guys....I don't know my Hermes color names yet) and a large size. Very, very pretty!

  10. Wow great idea for lap top carrier, it would look super cute and super expensive too ;)
  11. I love your birkin, Smoothoprter!!