Hermes "Kimonos et Inros"

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  1. I just came across my Hermes scarf I received as a gift in the 80's. Does anyone know if it is worth anything?
  2. I don´t know about the worth, I haven´t heard a demand for it but it certainly is a great scarf. Share pictures if you can!
  3. I wish I could. I really don't know how to do that from my computer (I only have computer access at work).

  4. I have been looking for that scarf. what color is it.

    yes its worth it. its a lovely scarf.
  5. Kimonos is a lovely scarf!!!! Congratulations on your find. I'd check eBay to see what scarves are selling for and that should give you a good idea of what you could expect to receive for yours.
  6. It's mostly vivid blues and greens... very pretty
  7. thank you!
    embarrassed to say I'm probably the only person that doesn't know how to sell on e-bay (I know how to buy on there though!!)