Hermes Kelly

  1. THE Hermes Kelly - no further introduction needed :love:
  2. [​IMG]
    1) braise (?) red lizard

    2) yellow croc

    3) rouge VIF (?) croc

    4) blue jean (?) croc

    5) black croc

    (all photos:
  3. I saw a really nice green lizard one @ Hermes last week but it was just too small for me :sad: The red is a beauty though. And the crocs...well I don't need to say anything else about those...beautiful!
  4. the yellow and blue croc are geeeeeeeeorgeous. the material has such character and detail, even compared to other high-end exotics.
  5. Ooo. I think I would have probably loved that green lizard kelly that you saw, Noriko.
  6. Those are all beautiful, and I especially love the red!
  7. WOW!!! Beautiful pics of exotic Kellys!
  8. Drooling..for the blue croc.:love:
  9. The colors of the yellow and red ones are gorgeous. That is a traffic-stopping bag :nuts:
  10. Beautiful bags. Maybe one day....
  11. Today I stopped by the Hermes store here in Switzerland and if anyone is interested, they have a 32 cm orange Kelly with gold hardware. It's also a new super soft leather, I forgot the name though. At least that's what the SA said that it's a new leather.
  12. ^ swift?
  13. There was a Kelly with zippers in the front (can't remember the name), at the Waikiki boutique today. Cute, but I'd want it in leather, it was partially canvas.
  14. I think canvas is a big no-no for a Kelly or Birkin. There are so many styles and colors, I wonder if I'll ever be able to pick one.
  15. That's called the Kelly Lakis. I think it has a masculine look to it that isn't my fave. Much sportier, too.