Hermes Kelly Watch owners...opinions needed please :-)

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  1. Hi ladies, for those who own the Hermes Kelly Watch I'd love to know your feelings pro and con. I'm thinking of getting one but haven't heard or seen much about them here own tpf and I'd really appreciate any input you have regarding the straps...single or double...color of watch silver or gold ... and overall feelings about it.:smile:

    Many thanks:tup:
  2. This post is for your opinions on both the Kelly and Lelly 2 watch. Any info you can give me both pro and con would be greatly appreciated :cutesy:
  3. I have a kelly watch in barenia with ghw and the single tour strap. I love it!! I get tons of compliments and I love how it lookes like a bracelet. I sit in front of a computer and type at work and the cadena watch lock doesnt bother me at all. Its been the best watch for me so far.
  4. Thanks so much for your watch information. What color did you get? I'm thinking the Stainless can be polished ....scratches etc...but with the gold plated you probably would t want to do that?
  5. I have a silver (925) which originally had a single strap which I have replaced with a double. Love mine too as it is more bracelet than watch. People do comment on it though which is either a + or a - depending on your viewpoint.

  6. Thanks for the info, I'm still trying to make up my mind which one I want:thinking:
  7. The Kelly watch is very special. It looks fabulous in my opinion.

    Besides, you can use the watch alone as a charm lock on your bag. Very exclusive look !
  8. Mine is gold with gold hardware, single strap. It's a really fun watch. Not my most practical watch by any means, but I love it any way. The charm can be removed and worn on my Kellys. I've also seen it worn on a CDC cuff (if you don't sweat the possible scratching it's really a great look). There have been threads on the Kelly watch here.
  9. I get tons of compliments on mine everytime i wear it, however I only wear it on special occasions bc the flapping drives me crazy & I'm paranoid about scratching it.
  10. it's such a fun piece~ I do get lots of compliments on it but it WILL scratch~ ;)
    kelly watch.jpg
  11. I have one in the single strap, white epsom, in silver and I love it :smile: The clicking sound it makes when it swings is music to my ears. It gets recognised a lot too.
  12. I love my kelly watch, it's such a fun watch, and when I was in paris in July, I picked up a few different straps to interchange. It does get scratches on it, it really can't be avoided coz the watch will move about on the bracelet when you wear it.
  13. Dear Perlerare,

    May I, please, ask you an advise.
    I'm thinking of buying Hermes watch- either stainless st. Cape Cod or silver Nantucket.
    In one of your posts I learned, that you have a silver Nantucket.
    Please, tell me, if you have any problems with it? Does it tarnish? Do you have to polish it often?

    Thank you sooo much!
  14. Hi,

    I personally like Silver watches a lot. Lets's put it this way: if I had to pick a stainless st. watch, I would probably not take an Hermes. I would go for for a Rolex or something like that.

    Of course Silver does not shine for long, so you have to send it to H for polish once in a while, I do it every other year.

    I love the Nantucket... it's special. It is more narrow than Cape Code. It looks fabulous with the double tour band.

  15. Thanks a lot!

    It's really a dilemma for me, as Nantucket is not available where I live. I can only purchase it online without seeing and trying it. But N for me looks more elegant (and I have very small wrist).
    And if it's a matter of polishing it every year (and not every month as I supposed!), then it's great!
    Thank you again for advise ...