Hermes: Kelly vs Birkin?

  1. Hey Everyone!
    Well I'm about to buy my first Hermes bag and I'm a bit confused what to get.. A Kelly, Birkin, which type? My budget is quite high so its not a money issue! I just don't want to regret buying the wrong one :smile:
    Also, how to go about this waiting list issue? I've been to several Hermes stores that sell Kelly's availible for purchase on the spot.
    Thanks so much!! :hysteric:
  2. Get both!
    You cannot go wrong with either, but make sure you get the right size for your build.
    I love Kellys and have a couple and will keep buying more. They're what's making my heart sing. But the bag I use most, day in day out (OK currently resting for a bit) is the Birkin, simply because it is a bag I can take pretty much everywhere with a horsey/outdoorsey lifestyle and also because it holds a lot for work (it carries my laptop for instance).

    Both bags have their pros and cons (Kelly pro: shoulderstrap. con: can be difficult to get in and out of. Birkin pro: easy to get in and out of. Con: no shoulderstrap, can get heavy) but at the end of the day you cannot go wrong with either.
    Stay with us and don't buy something right away just because you can. You will see that your taste develops and evolves and you will learn to define your own personal preferences.
  3. Do you know anyone that has bags? Maybe a friend of yours will let you "play" with her bags to help you figure it out.
  4. You should get a better feel of every bag H has to offer!! Go through the reference thread, pick your fav type of leather, color, and hardware combo. So many choices!! And there is NEVER any regret with any H purchase!!
  5. welcome ssn12 :flowers:

    you have come to the right place, at the right time!

    listen to the ladies here and use the resources available to you through this sub forum, it will help you find the right combo/style of bag that will make your heart sing...

    once you know more about H then you will be able to find "the one" (ooopppsss and you won't stop at just one, let me assure you :p)...

    good luck!
  6. thanks all you guys :smile: Im still a bit new to this forum! I'll definitely take everything you've all said into consideration.. I'll take my time and not rush, make sure I make the right choice. I'll be sure to update you on what I decide!
  7. Hi ssn12, I was always a birkin girl, but I have fell completely in love with my kellys. You can't go wrong with either!
  8. Oh I have just one more questions, can you just walk in Hermes and buy either bag? Cause some people told me its really if you're lucky or not (as in, if they have one in the shop at the moment).
  9. Well actually I called Hermes and they have two Kelly bags. One is in Olive (or Tundra) and is 28cm box calf, and the other is Grey with silver hardward at 35cm. They said wait til next week as they may get one more on friday. Is there a big diff between 28cm and 35cm?
  10. Hey, wow olive in box calf... wow... box calf is a super leather for a Kelly.

    The difference between a 28 and a 35 is huge. It's two different bags basically.
    It really depends on your personal preference.
  11. I really wasn't that into the Kelly until I saw it IRL. Then I absolutely fell for it. I got a 32cm Kelly and I think it's the prefect size.
  12. Yes I think you can get Kellys and Birkins and not just in the FSH store either but only if you are very lucky and the bags just happens to be what you want or close to it. Eg just popping into a H store I saw a Rose Dragee travel birkin, a 25? Havanne matt croc birkin, a 25 orange ostrich Kelly, a 35 gold Kelly and a 32 Havanne Kelly. And they had a black Birkin in the back too! Maybe this was because it was near Christmas...Good Luck!
  13. ^Wow! That's amazing stock at your H store. Did you get anything?
  14. Yes seems to be! Im going to get something either this saturday, or monday. I might go for a Havane evergrain in 35cm (Kelly) that they have in another branch. I'm going to double check the exact name of the light grey they were talking about, cause grey is a tricky color just want to make sure its a shade I'll like. Also I'm a bit hesitant about box, I tend to find it a bit too smooth for my taste.. scratches will show a lot. Although it is beautiful!!
  15. well I find out its a that new color 'Adroise', I saw a couple of pics and I don't think its for me..