Hermes Kelly: should I get? (pics)!

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  1. Hi H aficionados!
    You've helped me so much already, but I'm finally ready for a Kelly - in size 28.
    I found this beauty in clemence leather but unfortunately there are press marks/indentations on the front due to outside pressure on the bag (closet storage). The seller says this can be spa-d, but just wondering if that's true? what else can be done? Everything else about this bag is perfect


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  2. I am not sure on the press marks but that looks gorgeous to me. Is that Marron Fonce?
  3. .
    Perhaps run this by Docride.. she likely will be candid about these press marks with her experience
  4. Never seen a bag like that. Looks like my tshirts after I’ve left in dryer for a day. Def ask docride.
  5. :shocked::shocked::shocked:
  6. Hi Classicgirll Do you mind letting me know where you found this Kelly from?
    I just came across something similar so just wondering...

  7. As someone with a clemence B35 with indentations, those marks won't come out with a trip to the spa. Docride will know best, but with my experience, those marks are there to stay.
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  8. I think this bag can be spa'd but it may never look smooth. Clemence is really durable but it can be stretched and dented if really abused. I would probably ask the seller to spa it and agree to pay for the spa IF it works.
    Is that Raisin? very pretty color.
  9. May I see a picture?
  10. Thanks! have posted in the Docride thread, just waiting for a response :smile:
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    Mine is pretty beat up. A few years ago I had the boutique send it out for a spa treatment and also replaced the hardware (they're dirty, sorry, I've become lazy in quarantine :angel:). They did their best, but I was also told they couldn't guarantee anything.
    207A547D-7ABA-485B-BE21-732082F79332.jpeg F055BA3B-1415-403A-8845-BCF99A8F7C3B.jpeg
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  12. Personally, I would pass on this. I don’t think you’d be happy in its present or so-called spa’d condition.
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  13. I would personally pass too. I am quite rough on my Clemence bags. Literally soaked my Halzan in the rain when I was walking to Hermes in Seoul during a typhoon. And my Evie took lots of beating. Neither of my bags look anywhere remotely like the Kelly in the picture.
  14. I would not buy this bag. It looks really abused to get that wrinkly (or whatever you call it). I love clemence. My avatar is my first 35B in clemence. It still looks much the same. I don't know how that bag ended up looking like that, but agree with those who say that spa isn't helping it.
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  15. Put the spa cost towards a bag in better condition. Unless you're getting some super amazing price why own a beat up looking bag from day 1?