Hermes Kelly .. Should I Get it or Not? HELP

  1. Okay I did it!!
    They are shipping it out today, 2 days I should have it! The Hermes is located inside of NM in DC, they are leased. They do not have the same guidelines I'm told esp if you ate good NM customer, or else I would still be waiting!
    Thanks everyone for your input!! :smile:
  2. Congrats, Look forward to Your Reveal...
  3. Well, I would snatch it. Its a lovely bag. Leather sounds divine, color and size and type and its a cool neutral PHW. Its good for any occasion casual or semi-formal even business.
  4. Here's the cobalt in B =)

    Not mine but trying to compare cobalt with my Bleu Thslassa. Cobalt is less dark & a bit more green. Very nice & fresh color!
  5. ooh glad you decided on getting is a pic of my sister's Kelly in Cobalt will love her.........:biggrin:
    cobolt blue kelly.jpg
  6. Wow! Congrats! It's not the same stand-alone inside TG right? Anyway, I only went there for a few times when visiting family.
  7. Love the color and I am sure you cant let it go when you receive this beauty! Pleas show us some modeling pics if you have time :smile:
  8. Omg so this is the first photo I have seen, thanks do much for posting!! It's beautiful :smile:
    I hope I will love it and promise to post photos when I get it. Woot woot!
  9. I have no idea, have never been to this location, my SA told me about them, I didn't know NM had a Hermes store inside, they also offered me a red Casaque CDC too, been waiting but need a blk with PHW.
  10. Get it now!
  11. Yeah , please do post pics including your modelling pics as well.........:biggrin:
  12. Congrats! Cobalt Blue is :love:.
  13. Lovely blue you've got there ;) great choice! Thumbs up.
  14. Beautiful color! I am glad you got it. =)
  15. Congrats you decided to purchase it. Enjoy.