Hermes(kelly) quality issue

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  1. SA offered another SO but wasn’t the right size . SA still trying to find me something else :smile:
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    This thread is interesting. I've been collecting H bags for a very long time and never had any problem whatsoever even though I'm picky at H price points. I know the difference between hand made and poorly made. Recently , I was shown a togo Kelly. I don't really look too hard at the bags beyond color and skin because I expect them to be constructed sufficiently well to warrant their price tag. But, with this one, the stitching on the handle jumped out because it was crooked, unevenly spaced with some stitches going one way and then the other. It was just amateurish and looked like I stitched it myself after a few cocktails. It was odd because the rest of the bag was perfect. Was the handle made by the same artisan? Was it made after too much wine at lunch? Was it take your kid to work day? I showed it to the SA who showed it to the SM who was obviously shocked and dismayed. She said she would not sell that bag even if I wanted it and that it was going back to Paris with a personal note that day. If you can believe half of what you read, H has been on a well reported hiring spree to increase production even of the quota bags and that, unless it's an exotic or selected limited editions and SOs, which are made by the best artisans, some bags that would have failed QC not very long ago are now being passed. So yes, I would look at them all carefully because once you leave with it, it's yours and repairs take FOREVER. I really will be less than thrilled with the family's MBA generation running things now if this is the future. That said, I will still love and buy the brand but not with the same joy if quality perceptibly declines for the sake of profits. After all, there are the Moynats and Delvaux offering gorgeous bags at much lower price points.
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  3. @BagLady164 Thank you for your post. I agree with everything you wrote and this is what I meant by checking bags before purchase. I have seen some of these QC issues myself and the SA and SM reactions and action taken was similar to what you experienced. There is a difference between bags being handcrafted with a human touch and frankly not being crafted to a high enough standard. Returns and repairs are as as mentioned, not as easy or straightforward as before.
  4. You are so right Periogirl. I always enjoy your posts too.
  5. I witnessed such QC issues myself recently where the stitching at the handle was haphazard and at one point, one stitch had been so tightly pulled that it was obviously shorter than the other stitches, appeared in a different direction from the general line AND enlarged the stitch hole. The SA was shocked and also grumbled about QC these days, so it does appear to be surfacing more than previously.

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