Hermes(kelly) quality issue

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  1. I did ask two resellers about my bag issue they all said it’s normal, the quality of H is not as good as years before
  2. This is no gd
    There should be no excuse to compromise on the quality and workmanship
    Look at the price tag !!!
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  3. I totally agree and have said this to my SAs. But we know it's happening. So check everything before purchase. I have never stared so hard at my recent SO when it was presented. I think my SA thot I was crazy.
  4. Me too
    My sm also thinking what am I starring and checking at esp the recent purchase of a push order so constance
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  5. We all should inspect our bags before it disappears into its box! How hard it may be cause we’re super EXCITED!

    I inspected mine for abt an hour and guess what!! I found a tiny dark stain thank goodness the craftsman could fix it!
    But then after 2wks a stitching came off

    We all should inspect our bags regularly and immediately report to H in case there’s anything weird going on!
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  6. I cannot imagine spending time inspecting my bags in case something wrong crops up.
    Relax everyone! If there is some 'issue" , no one is better than H for standing by their quality. Enjoy the superior craftsmanship and don't sour the experience by looking for imperfections. The ancient Greeks, ( you know the folk that built Parthenon) believed that the best works of art had some degree of imperfection, deliberately built into them, for only then they were blessed by the gods.
  7. I think it might be better nowadays just to inspect before purchase. After that, enjoy the bag, I'm sure it's not necessary to spend time all day just looking for flaws. I feel this is an issue as H is no longer standing by their high standards of quality the way they used to. I know too many cases of this occurring recently.
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  8. Disturbing that quality is down while prices are WAY up.

    My SA (in USA) told me years ago that in Japan the bags were carefully inspected before being offered for sale. If anything was not just right bag was sent back to Paris. Too bad this is not the case everywhere.
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  9. I have seen mismatched hardware come straight out of a clingfilmed orange box. My SA was as shocked as I was and we showed it to the leather and store SM right away. That bag had to go back.
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  10. well said. perfection is boring
  11. Result: I send it back to Paris to fix and it takes 3mths , no charge ,the tears are smaller ,some still remain the same
  12. It looks good! My older Kelly had some problems with stitching on the side/back near the flap and it was repaired free of charge. It happens with the type of hand saddle stitching they do and the Kelly is one of the more susceptible bags. Even at this I have not seen anything matching Hermes quality and durability.
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  13. I think there are several factors to consider regarding H defects: 1) declining craftsmanship quality/quality control; 2) inconsistent practices by SAs/boutiques in handling/addressing flaws; 3) customer’s expectation and comfort level with flaws.

    We all have high expectations that are merited by the high price tag and exclusivity of H products, but what bothers one customer may be insignificant (or a representation of its handmade nature) to another customer, and both would be “right”. So each customer should do what gives them peace of mind to be able to enjoy the bag
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  14. So glad H was able to do something about it.

    I personally just had an awful experience with my SO before Christmas , I didn't check the bottom of the bag at the store, only to find out it's got a giant bump after I looked at it again at home.
    I kick myself for taking H quality for granted! I strongly urge everyone to inspect the bag before leaving the store. What's the point of waiting on an SO for 3 years, only to have to send it back to Paris for repair for another undetermined time frame?
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  15. I remember your post on this, I felt your pain! (Especially because you had waited so long for your SO!) Is it still unresolved?