Hermes(kelly) quality issue

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  1. Hi everyone I got a Hermes bag quality issue here not sure if it’s normal . I got this kelly bag from Boutique last month and it’s still brand new ,tonight I read a post on other place about the bag quality issue so I decide to have close look of mine one and find the problem of below pic
    EB5883BA-FCAF-4B57-88EF-BCCCA39D81E2.jpeg 62C5CD76-905C-4D50-BE82-DA8A9D2F0E16.jpeg 718D9C7B-C26B-401C-BF5B-9AFDFE573ABF.jpeg
  2. Forgot to say It’s togo leather
  3. I would take it back to the store where you purchased it and show it to them.
  4. That would be my suggestion as well.
  5. what is it? I cannot see very well in the photo
  6. its like small rip from the stitches
  7. Thanks I will talk to my SA about it
  8. Thanks for reply ~
  9. Like suggested by other posters, best to bring this up to your SA. I have a bag with an issue that I thought was minor, but my SA suggested to have the craftsman take a look, who later sent it back to Paris and now they're replacing it with a new bag. I shared my story here. Another bag that I thought looks ripped that my SA said not to worry too much and use it more until I'm ready to part with it for a while. It's really hard to tell whether it's a real problem for us untrained eyes. Best to consult your store.
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  10. Thanks Cavalla !
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  11. +1 Agree
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  12. As so many others have written, you must take it back to Hermes if only for reassurance; if they agree there is a problem it will be dealt with
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  13. Agree! Let us know how it goes OP
  14. I am sorry you have to deal with this!! Yes definitely take it to H asap! Whatever it is I am positive H will do their best to solve this issue!

    Sadly I am facing a defect issue as well. A stitching of My 2-weeks old baby K has coming off somehow, the thread is just sticking out completely, leaving the piece of leather underneath it with the tiny hole where the thread used to be.

    Purchased from the Mothership! So I’m going back next month to have it fixed by the craftsman at FSH and hopefully I can take it back the same day! However I have been informed if it’s a Quality Control issue they have to send the bag back to the workshop to have it inspected further. That will take longer for sure!

    I’m curious if there are others having “quality issues/defects” with their bags picked up recently?

    Crossing fingers for us both and keep us posted dear!
  15. thanks everyone ,I already send pic to my SA and she said looks fine to her but she also said if I am thinking it’s a issue just bring it back to have look .my kids are sick recently so I have wait until next week ,will update later