Hermes Kelly Pouchette vs. YSL Small Muse

  1. Not that it's going to happen (due to recent drama) but I'm going to ask anyway. Between the Hermes Kelly pouchette and the YSL Small Muse, which will you pick? The former is $200 more.
  2. I think the Hermes pochette is a timeless, design.

    (just my two cents)
  3. Definitely Hermes pochette.
  4. Kou, you should know better in asking that question!! :lol:
  5. hermes pochette of course!
  6. Hermes! :yes:
  7. Hermes!
  8. Hermes!!
  9. Hermes for sure. Good luck and keep us posted.
  10. What does it look like (Hermes)? I know a muse is around $1100? So the pouchette is $900?
  11. Oh Lordy, Kou.....Hermes Pouchette naturally!!!! Go get it, girl!!!!
  12. The pouchette is the little Kelly clutch. It's $4900 in lizard and the small muse in ostrich is $4700. The small Muse is the size of a Bolide.
  13. if I can unload all my stuff before the pouchette comes, then I'll get it ... Otherwise I won't get pouchette or the Muse. I guess I just wasnt' sure which one is more practical for me.
  14. "La pochette Hermès", naturally.
  15. OH - you mean a $2k difference, not $200?

    I would still go Hermes!