Hermes Kelly pochette authentication issue

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  1. To all the Hermes lover, I have a question needs help. I bought a Kelly pochette on eBay. Seller has the bag authenticated by one authenticator and confirmed its authenticity while I did with different authenticator and proved it is unauthentic. What should I do?
  2. When in doubts do not commit
    Buy only 100% sure
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  3. I agree. Do not proceed with the sale.
  4. I would go with Bababei, she would know if it's authentic.
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  5. I do agree, Bababebi is the Hermès of Hermès authentication! She has over 30 years experience buying and selling Hermes bags. When I bought my Kelly from a reseller I had it authenticated by her.
    But to be honest, I'd steer clear of anything that has the shadow of doubt cast on it. This isn't small money we're talking. A lot better to spend a little more time searching or a little money on a good authenticator (like bababebi) than have to deal with having spent so much money on a fake.

    Be careful, whichever way you choose to go -

  6. I won the bid and bought it. After I received it, I didn't feel right so I contacted Bababebi and sent her the link for the bag and some photos that I took. Just as I doubted, the bag was not an authentic bag. So I contacted the seller and opened a claim. I wanted to return the bag. However, the seller insisted that the bag is an authentic bag because is was authenticated by carol diva. I believe what the seller said. It was mentioned in her auction that the buyer can confirm with carol diva for authenticity for the bag. This is the strangest thing that I ever met. Now, I am waiting for her authenticator to confirm it.
  7. Is the bag you received definitely the same as the one in the listing?
    Anyway, I would go with Bababebi's opinion.
  8. Color is bit different, it is more pink or red than the capucine color shown in online photos but it is the same bag with the same markings inside. It looked smaller as I compare with other pochette that I have.
  9. Bababebi over Carol Diva for Hermes authentication every day, all day. Bababebi is authoritative. Get your money back.
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  10. Bababebi would be my authenticator of choice without any reservation.
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  11. #11 Jul 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2016
    Carol Diva is not an expert in Hermes and I would not consider her opinion.
    You need a proven expert such as Bababei.
    Also the price, I would love to purchase one at the price you paid for brand new, unfortunately that should have been a sign- too good to be true.

    Hope you get this resolved in your favor❤️
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  12. Thank you Rouge. I never had a problem buying Hermes bags online except this one. I have been in auction and have seen Hermes bags sold at low and high prices. But you're right about the price. I am waiting to hear back from her authenticator about this bag.
  13. If her authenticator isn't Bababebi, you won't be on solid ground. They can say authentic and it still might not be (in the seller's interest, after all, to keep you as a buyer). Be sure you see the authentication document, too, and not rely on the seller's word about the result.
  14. Hi jellyv, my authenticator is Bababebi. This is the reason that I wanted to return the item because it is NOT authentic. But, the seller insisted that the item is authentic and it has authenticated. I am waiting for the authentication paperwork from her and her authenticator Carol Diva.
  15. +1. Definitely bababebi for Hermes - carol diva does not know H! bababebi is a true H expert and the only one I would trust.
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