Hermes Kelly, Need help

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  1. hi All

    Does anyone know if this is normal for a brand new kelly from boutique?

    The turn lock is a bit slanted

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  2. I would bring that back to the store.
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  3. That would drive me nuts. Definitely take back to the store.
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  4. I’m so sorry - that would drive me crazy! I would definitely take that back to the store.
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    Do you know what options they may have to fix this? It’s like the bag is making me sad now.
  6. How does one they fix this?
  7. Sorry :amazed: Its unusual if the “flaw” can be seen with naked eyes.

    I think it’s fairly easy to realign the “plate”? The question is whether they will send it to Beverly Hill / SF or Pairs for the repair and most likely free of charge.

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  8. Definitely bring it back.
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  9. Will that show a dent if they realign?
  10. I am not too sure if the plate after realignment will cover up the “dent” if there are any deep dents, the plate was just little bit slanted off the center. Are you near BH / SF boutiques? I suggest you visit the one of the boutique and ask to show it to the craftsman in person for faster answers. Best to call first for an appointment. I think you still need to bring it back to your home store to complete the repair process. Good luck dear :hugs:
  11. Taking it to my SA that sold it to me and the store I bought it. Just nerve racked on what they might say. My bag should be pristine really for the amount I paid for it. Thanks for the advice!
  12. I had a similar thing before too with my black bolide (the center patch got misaligned) and they did give me a new one after checking. So it definitely worth checking with them again. Good luck!
  13. Had the same problem with my GM B35. Brought it back to the store and got a new one 3 weeks later.

    Here is a pic:

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  14. I'm so bummed that these bags passed QA! Sorry for the problems :flowers:
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  15. QC used to be very much higher. This and many other examples of bags I have seen or been offered is now why I do spend some time checking before purchase, when before I wouldn't. I would mention especially the recent Special Orders, the Kelly handles and also eg the pore distribution for Ostrich bags. Some might think I am nit-picking but one has to realise that alas standards have indeed dropped. I don't mean checking every stitch alignment but I would expect hardware to all match. :confused1: That kind of thing. :sad:
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