Hermès Kelly double tour

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I was considering about buying a Hermès KDT and I was wondering if the hermes KDT clasp/locking system stays in place. Does the "turning clasp" easily goes "horizontal" when you wear it? (it opens and/or falls out)?

    Thanks ! :smile:
  2. No
  3. no, it doesn't do it! very stable!
  4. Yup..!
    Make sure you get the right size though.. Or the bracelet will spin like crazy..
  5. Stays in place. I got it in M, but I think S would have been better.
  6. No, when you turn the lock to close, it will stays there. :smile:
  7. There are many existing threads on this bracelet. Please post in a current thread instead of starting a new one. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.