Hermes Kelly Double Tour or Mulberry Padlock Bracelet?

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  1. Which one would you buy considering the price difference is not much, i.e., $345 vs $200 (est.):

    Considering the price difference in handbags these two leather bracelets are not much far apart in prices. (first pic is Hermes second pic is Mulberry):
    Hermes Kelly Double Tour.jpg Mulberry Padlock Bracelet.jpg
  2. i'd vote for the hermes bracelet:tup:
  3. which one is easier to get on/off?
  4. First one, I like silver hw more.
  5. I like the Hermes one,I like accesories by other designers so I'd quite like the Hermes one,looks a bit nicer xxxxxxxxx
  6. I think they both look like dog collar`s :p:p
  7. Tara!!! Hahahahaa!!! I was just posting back to ask,how would you wear one!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  8. And if there is a nude or baby blue one,as I could only imagine me wearing one in the summer,don't think I'm funky or young enough to rock a black one!!!!!:tup:
  9. What a k**bhead,I have just gone back and enlarged the thunbnails,and there is a pale brown one.Duh!!!:push:
  10. Around ones neck of course !!:p Actually Mulberry have some very nice doggie collars and leads , maybe it would be cheaper to buy them instead !!
  11. Definitely the Hermes :yes:
  12. Hahahahahahahaha!! You are just irrepressable!!! I love it!!:p:roflmfao:

    I could give the lead to Andy!! Oh,I'm going to stop now!!! Thats gettin a bit too much information!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!
  13. ^^ ha, ha, now I see why these so called bracelets are so popular among the H ladies... and why some of them complain that they are too tight on their wrists....
  14. ^^ har, har, har... you guys crack me up! but yeah I admit the bracelets do give out that naughty vibe, don't they?

    How about the CDC Hermes bracelet and the Mulberry Giles bracelet? These two are rockin' naughty!
    (source of pics: mulberry: hermes:
    giles_mulberry_003.jpg hermes_CDC.jpg
  15. btw, the Hermes Kelly Double Tour it is! Thanks for the input Ladies!