Hermès Kelly Calèche Perfume

  1. I think it is great that they are making new perfumes like this and expanding their Kelly "line", I think the flowery scent of this is amazing. Has anyone got this yet?

    Kelly Calèche
  2. I just opened one of the samples the H boutique gave me. Nice, light, flower with hint of ... baby powder?
  3. my husband bought me a bottle....i really love the scent. its very refreshing and a nice change from the chanel allure i've been using for years (not saying there's anything wrong with chanel allure, just that its a nice scent change).
  4. I cant wait to try it.
  5. Oh, it sounds wonderful!! I can't wait to sample it!
  6. It's got a lot of rose scent in it, to me, and a vague whiff of leather too. I like it, but for now I think I will stick to 24 Fauborg or Eau des Mervailles--I prefer stronger, richer scents in general on me. That being said, my best friend is obsessed with Kelly Caleche and it smells heavenly on her!
  7. I am enchanted with the bottle, and cannot wait to try it. I cannot do strong scents. For years my sig was Tea Rose (I am vintage, OK). Not everything works on me, to put it mildly.

    Rose and leather sounds right up my alley!!!!
  8. Ooh yes, CB, it's got a lot of similar elements to Tea Rose! I do think you'll like it very much. Do you not have a sample of it yet?
  9. Got some today! Love it! I have some samples CB if you want to try it!!!
  10. ^^I dont. And I really want one! WAHH.

    SA called me and tried to describe the bottle, which was hilarious, she really had a hard time. It didnt make sense till I saw the animation on the website. LOL.

    So, you know Tea Rose? If I like that, I will like this, do you think??

    I cannot fly over for a while....
  11. OH! you are so sweet!!! I would love to try it!!! That would be amazing! :heart::heart:
  12. ^^

    Send me your addy via PM..

    I have two..so if anyone else wants a sample pm me!!
  13. They gave me some samples at the store a few weeks ago and I really like it. I'm not a big perfume-wearer and I like it because it's not too overpowering. I love the hint of leather. I think I may have to pick up a bottle of it...
  14. Yep! I think it is actually quite similar in a lot of ways, though if my memory of Tea Rose is correct, Kelly Caleche is a touch less powdery.
    You will really like it, I bet! If Quinn's Mom hadn't beaten me to it, I would have offered to send you a sample too!
  15. I can't wait to get my bottle!!! I wear 24 Faubourg and get so many compliments, I can't imagine that the KC will smell better on me. I think at times I will like something lighter like the KC compared to the strong scent of the 24 Faubourg. Besides, I would get it just for the bottle alone! LOL