Hermes Kelly Au Galop

  1. I saw the book in Hermes today. Fell in love with the craie and asked my SA if they have it. No she said. They store ordered only in sizes 32. Malachite is what she proposed me and will be happy to put it aside for me when she receives it. Have not seen it yet anywhere.

    Anybody has a picture. Thanks
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  2. I think you would find pics on IG. The Malachyte has a Zanzibar and black handle if I am not wrong and is a more squarish shape in design, as opposed to the smooth semi p-circular curves of a regular Kelly handle. The series is Kelly Au Pas.
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  3. Saw this on instagram. Is this the malachite?
    kelly au pas 1.jpg
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  4. Thanks. You were right not to get it.
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  5. Was just offered the Craie, but it's the BE that truly has my heart. :sad:
  6. Wow. I like th craie.
  7. I like the Craie, too, Pinayfrench, but I have an overload of summer bags. Still may say yes, though. :girlsigh:
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  8. Because of the East Coast snow storm, FedEx delayed my delivery from last Thursday to today. Here she is in all her perfection.

    Kelly - 1.jpg Kelly 2 - 1.jpg
  9. You must have been so anxious! Such a remarkable and special bag!
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  10. Less than one week and we will be twins
    I’m so excited about this bag
    Do you just love her??
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  11. oh she is gorgeous! i am in love :heart::love: congrats to you!
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  12. I do, TT! I'm blown away by the craftsmanship. So happy you have one coming. You'll love it!
  13. Hi ladies! They are all so beautiful! I was offered a k32 Bleu Indigo au galop today and am on the fence! I am 5ft3.5in tall and 110 and want a k28 bc I think it would be a better fit. I already have a k25 though in black so should i just make the leap and get the k32 since my K25 black is so close in size to a K28? Also, are these au galop series limited edition and should I grab if offered? Please help!! :smile:
  14. yes, Kelly Au Galop is limited edition
    IMO--25 and 28 very close in size