Hermes Kelly Au Galop

  1. Am I correct that this Kelly only comes in three colors? blue electric, craie and a dark blue whose name I forgot? Does anyone know the prices?
  2. Dark blue is indgo. I paid CHF 9950 for the 32. Pics on instagram and in my history.
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  4. @pretty99 shared the info here, there are 2 for galop - craie (28) and indigo (32), maybe 2 for trôt - BE (32) and perhaps the one with grizzly and barenia is also a au trôt? not sure.
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  5. there's a malachite with parallel straight line Zanzibar handle Kelly au Pas, also an ebene grizzly with Au Pas handle
    Au Trot handle in BE and Fauve Grizzly/ Barenia
    Au Galop handle in Indigo and Craie
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  6. I was at the boutique yesterday and they had two Au Galop kellys. One in blue electric size 32. It was gorgeous, rich color and the pop on the handle was fabulous. They also had the Craie with barenia, and bordeaux and craie handle in size 28. Beyond beautiful. The blue Indigo is supposed to come in with a handle that has some orange in it. I saw a picture and wasn't over the moon about it but , that of course, is until you see it in person. Originally my sa said to wait to see if the blue came in as she doesn't like it when i repeat a color, HOWEVER, the craie just took my breath away and it jumped into my hand never to be released for another.
  7. Congrats!
  8. Craie is one of my favorite H colors and is truly special. It has a softly luminous quality to it. I'm sure that on the K au Galop it was stupendous- congrats to you!
  9. In Europe EURO 8450 for a 32. I confirm will come in blue indigo, malachite, bleu electrique, craie, grizzly barenia and grizzly ebene.
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  10. When I saw the "book" to choose I only saw three choices. Indigo, Grizzly barenia, and Craie.
  11. I would like to see a picture of the kelly galop in grizzly braun ebene. Did any of you see this model? How are handles? I've only see the barenia grizzly and I am very curious to see how is the darker version. Thanks
  12. If you were looking at your store's book, it typically reflects what they ordered and people who are promised the items. There are photos of bags in the other combos around on IG etc.
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    OMG. I totally forgot about the Blue Electric and Malachite!!
    I had taken a screen shot of Hermes IG pic, which just shows 3 bags, and that is what I was thinking about!
    I'm on hold for the Craie!
  15. I have the craie ordered- hope to be your twin very soon
    Huge congrats
    Lucky you
    This Kelly is a stunner !
    Ordered last winter
    Patiently waiting .... ok maybe not so patiently.....
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