Hermes Kelly Ardennes

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  1. Hello, all Hermes lovers! I recently purchased a Hermes Kelly Retorne 32 in Ardennes leather and Rouge VIF color with practically no signs of wear for its age. The only dilemma I have is that it did not come with shoulder strap (which I can leave without), clochette, lock and keys. I can purchase lock and keys separately, but it would be impossible to find a clochette in this leather and color combination. Will the bag still maintain its value on the resale market without shoulder strap and clochette? Please, advise whether I should keep it?
  2. You have already decided to buy it despite the fact that the strap, clochette, lock and keys are missing. I’m guessing it is not important to you to have them. What matters is the bag. So keep it, use it, enjoy and don’t worry about resale value.
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  3. Thank you periogirl28 for your advice! I like the bag and certainly can get a lock and keys for it. But because these bags are so expensive, it is an investment that none of us would like to lose. Maybe on my next trip to Paris, Hermes SA offers something to make the bag whole again. There should be some alternative leathers for the clochette. What are your thoughts about that?
  4. I assume you bought the bag at a good price because those items were missing. Without the strap/clochette it will obviously never be worth what the exact same bag with these pieces included would be worth but in relative terms, it shouldn’t depreciate any faster.
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  5. Thank you acrowcounted for your insight! I think I should be alright considering how sturdy Ardennes leather is and its rarity nowadays, especially in this color. There are a couple of Kelly's (full sets) listed on eBay right now for 11k and 18k. I paid way less than that. However, being somewhat a perfectionist, my high hopes rest with Hermes flagship in Paris. Maybe they can work miracles to make my Kelly complete again? :angel:
  6. It is certainly worth asking if the store will make you a clochette, and a strap if you want one - when the store reopens.
    Occasionally, though, they will ask to keep the bag to make a match. It's even possible there is a stock of RV Ardennes somewhere.
    It's also possible that H will refuse since the leather can't be matched. An Hermes order is never predictable!

    Plenty of people never use their clochettes. There are also clochette charms you can buy - perhaps a matching one would make you feel better.
  7. Thank you QuelleFromage for your kind and encouraging reply! When this whole pandemic thing ends and we can get back to normal and travel, I'll take the bag to the Hermes flagship store in Paris. Hopefully, they can find a solution for me. That said, the bag is absolutely beautiful as is!
    Stay well.
  8. I am sorry I have not been active lately and missed your question. I would certainly encourage you to take the bag to service après vente department (after sales and repairs) at the St Honore flagship and ask what they can do for you. They might request that you leave the bag for leather and colour batch matching. If there is anything else that needs a touch up they can do that at the same time. Stay well!