Hermes Kelly Ado

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  1. You wanted black.wait for black
    Stay focus haha
  2. Hi, I would like to ask if this backpack is a rare item for VIP/spending only or is it possible to buy by walk-in? Thanks.
  3. The Kelly Ado isn't a quota bag so it should be available for purchase as a walk-in. That said, as usual it all depends on your luck, what they have if any, in store and what you're looking for. Good luck! :smile:
  4. When I visited Paris FSH and asked the SA whether the Kellyado is quota bag, his reply is yes

    But in my local shop it seems the bag is now offered by SA to their preferred customers only but it would not affect the spending record.
  5. I really just need this to come with a top handle again then it becomes very very useful and I love it !!!
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  6. My SA just called and said my black Kelly Ado arrived. :yahoo::love:
  7. Fantastic
  8. I'm waiting for one of these!! Do post pics when you can!
  9. Anymore news about kelly ado?
    I heard the strap is now comes with canvas. Anyone had offered yet?
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  10. I saw the Kelly ado in bond st London a few weeks back. It’s comes with leather shoulder straps
  11. The shoulder strap is available in either leather or canvas. It depends on what your store ordered. ;)
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  12. You are right. My frequented store only ordered leather straps Kelly Ado and is also a quota bag. However, they are all neutral colored. I thought backpack could be more fun with some color.
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  13. Hi, I’ve been thinking about this bag since I saw it a few weeks ago. It looked so stunning and I’ve been looking for a Hermes backpack, I don’t think they make the Herbag backpack anymore? But I was worried it looked a little small, For those who have it, can you provide a review? Pros and cons? How much can it fit?
    Thanks x
  14. I love my Kelly Ado, it’s so easy to wear and holds quite a bit too. I normally have my compact wallet, a small makeup pouch, car key, ear pods and my iPhone. I’ve switched out my makeup pouch for a small umbrella on rainy days. Mine is in Clemence leather so quite light and its soft shape has some give. But I try not to overload it to avoid warping it.
  15. I talked to my SA last week since I was looking for a Herbag, and she told me that Hermes will be coming back with the backpack version, not exactly sure when, but should be in the near future since she asked if I would want her to notify me if they got one in.