Hermes Kelly Ado

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  1. I forgot that I did take a picture of the inside of the bag. :smile:

  2. Wow very beautiful!

    Is the Ado a bag that is only offered to clients like the Birkin or Kelly? Or is it a bag that will be on display for anyone to purchase?
  3. I’m not sure if the store will put them on display anytime soon since it is a quota bag. They only had two in stock when my SA contacted me. One was sold fairly quick; and as soon as I turned down the red one, someone else already raised an interest for it.
  4. Ahh yes I figured it was a quota bag. Thank you for replying!
  5. Does anyone know the price in USD? I'm purposely not looking at any quota bags knowing this is coming.
  6. $8,250
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  7. I was just offered one in Clemence and my SA told me it was $9750. I’m in the US.
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  8. Interesting... the price I listed is the price my SA emailed me. I’m also in the US.
    I will find out the actual price when the spec I want arrive and I pay for it. :smile:
  9. It’s 8250 in USD.
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  10. Per my SA, it's no longer a quota bag (for now) in the US. Not sure if it's due to the holidays or whatnot.
  11. At my store it was a quota bag earlier this week then they changed the policy so now it isn’t. Wasn’t sure if it was like this at all stores in the US ? Or store specific?
  12. I was told it's a decision made by Paris HQ
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  13. Yes, I bought one yesterday and was told it’s not a quota bag. Price is $8250 in the US.
  14. Nice. What color did u get?
  15. Blue Nuit PHW.
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