Hermes Kelly Ado

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  1. Anyone knows if Kelly Ado is still in production? Or already discontinued?
  2. Its a rested model
    u can find in resale market
  3. Can we use this thread to restart this conversation because IT’S BACK?! Who has pics to share? TIA!
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  4. I did a search for the Kelly Ado backpack but can’t seem to find a thread for it. If you have any knowledge about this bag, could you please share what are the colors and leathers that it may come in? Also, is there more than one size? If you own(ed) one, how do you like it and how is the ease of use?

    I also saw from Googling that some of them have handles while others don’t. Are the current ones without the handles? Thanks ahead for your feedback.
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  5. think they come in two sizes, the bigger one has handle. had the smaller one in boxcalf but sold it as I seldom used it
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  6. Saw them yesterday in Paris

  7. Thank you, Moderator, for merging my thread.

    Thank you for your feedback. Boxcalf would be nice. Did you not like the bag? How easy was it to use when you had it?
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  9. No problem hopefully u get something nice
    Pls don’t forget to show us on here
    Look forward to your unboxing
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  10. Thank you. I will. :smile:
  11. I decided it was not for me because I use all my backpacks quite roughly. I realized the extra care and attention I pay to her making me not really using her as my other backpacks. Boxcalf is also easily scratched. I tried carrying her with straps on my hand or arm, or just on one shoulder; basically styling her not so backpack like. But found it not convenient; mine didn’t have the handle. Having said that, the bag is cute. I guess just personal preference. Looking forward to your review. : )
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  12. I greatly appreciate your feedback. And I do understand about boxcalf; I have a Kelly in that leather and I can see your concern for being more careful with it.
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  13. I visited the boutique on Saturday and learned a few things about the backpack. At the moment, it only comes in one size and Clemence leather. That may change in the future. There is a choice of either PHW or GHW. Available colors that I remember from the list are black, dark blue, brown, light grey, red and Craie. I apologize for not remembering the official color names. The backpack is indeed very cute! Attached is a model picture of the Rouge Casque that I took. The strap is adjustable and fits comfortably on your back. :smile:

  14. looks great on you, do u find the size okay for daily use? when i saw it in Paris yesterday they look quite small inside.
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  15. Thank you! I do use smaller sizes bag quite a bit. The mini Evelyn and the small size picotin are my go to bag when I’m in a hurry. So this should be okay for me. I have a feeling they will come out with a bigger size too in the future.