Hermes Jypsiere Asia Price 2009

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  1. Hi

    I am wondering if anyone can let me know the latest pricing for the Jypsiere 37 in the various Asian countries. I was offered several (raisin and bleu du prusse!!:drool:) in Taipei recently and after VAT refund, the price was very close to Paris! :nuts: so, now I am extremely tempted.:P

    I saw in June in Paris for Euro 6000~6200 depending on the leather with VAT, it will be Eruo 5400.

    In Taipei, I was offered NT 271,200 (1:46.5 using credit card company rate!) = Euro 5832 - 5% VAT for Taiwan = Euro 5555!

    What are the prices like in Singapore, Hong Kong or other places? Does anyone know? It seems like Paris has just increased price again!? Is that true, does anyone know?
  2. I just saw it at the store, the 37 is SGD 12,750 .
    actually have seen it for weeks, just didn't know what the model of this bag is called. Only found out minutes ago. ahhaha.
  3. Hi Jadeite!

    Thanks! ;)
  4. i just bought my Raisin 37 one from my last week trip in Paris, it's only 5000euro, not 6000-6500
    so after tax will be 4500euro, which is $50,000HKD.
    price in HK is $64,900. So I got it in almost 25% off, i'm happy
  5. What color did you buy? Do they have a lot of stock in Paris?