Hermes just beat out Balenciaga

  1. Look, we're #2 now in the forum and Balenciaga dropped to #3 :nuts:

    One of us! One of us!:yahoo:
  2. Balenciaga, who?
  3. I noticed this too when I log in this morning too!
  4. I think many previous members have just gone away since Achtung is gone....
  5. :roflmfao:

  6. I was wondering what happened there since all the other subforums still have website find stickies. :shrugs:
  7. What's Achtung? (besides the obvious....!)
  8. It was a great resource where posters could post if they spotted an authentic Balenciaga somewhere (generally eBay).
    I wonder what happened to it? I went to that sub-forum a lot when I was looking to add a Bbag to my collection :shrugs:
  9. Keep posting away ladies!
  10. my first reaction was:yahoo: but then :hrmm: i realized that hermes will keep cranking up the prices with this type of popularity :amazed:
    run, hide, save yourselves.
  11. Am I crazy or didn't the listing on the main page used to show how many were viewing each designer forum? I don't see that info there now.... ????
  12. Seems like it's working again :smile: ...
  13. Hummm???? So we'll be #1 soon eehh???!!!
  14. Oh, yes, thanks.... I was looking at the Designer Forums' index instead of the home page... duh... sorry 'bout that... all is well!!:smile:
  15. LOL!