Hermes JPG

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get one of these? Thanks!
  2. Your best bet would be Ebay from a reputable seller if you want one right away otherwise it's just as difficult to get this style as with the the other Birkins. You might get lucky and see one at one of their boutiques. I'm still waiting for mine to come along.
  3. You should go to your local Hermès store and ask for the waiting list, and if u're lucky maybe u'll find one available but this style, like all birkins, is very hard to get without list....
  4. I was offered a JPG Birkin today. I didn't take it as I'm too petite...I look like a dwarf when I carry the JPG Birkin :biggrin: On the other hand, the Boutique manager looks absolutely fabulous with the JPG Birkin!!! :love: :love: :love: She's much taller & of a bigger build than me. So I think taller women would be able to pull off a JPG Birkin beautifully!

    btw, the JPG Birkin that I saw is in Clemence etoupe with palladium hardware. VERY VERY beautiful bag!!! The JPG Birkin looks so chic & fabulous in etoupe!!! :love: :love: :love: Oh, the lock on the JPG Birkin is much bigger than the regular size ones on Birkins...very heavy, but so hip & cool! :smile:

    p.s. The JPG Birkin is indeed a very heavy bag.
  5. Toreilly, I found out a few trivia about JPG Birkins from the store manager this time, Hermes will continue to make JPG Birkins although the demand is not as high as the regular Birkins. So, you could go to an Hermes store in your area & waitlist for one! :smile:

    Another trivia about JPG Birkin is that the Barenia/denim combo JPG is a runway/limited edition. So that might be more difficult to get than the all-leather ones. The plus point about barenia/denim combo JPG is that it's lighter than the all-leather JPG Birkins.
  6. Thanks Gigi - I actually saw the barenia/denim combination last month in the store. When I visited the store a week later, it was gone.

    It was really beautiful ... but the JPG is humongous for tiny people like me.
  7. La Van...the JPG Birkin looks humongous on me too! If only I could pull it off beautifully...I'd grab that right away in a heart beat! :love:
  8. Thanks for sharing, Gigi! It's always fun to be offered something special at the boutique, too!
  9. Gigi, when you have time and if you'd like...I would love to see a fashion show with you holding each of your bags in a new thread. (said with a big smaile) It would be so much fun for all of us to see you and to see all your gorgeous bags. Ok, maybe it is a little silly, but we need something like that here.
  10. I agree, Gigi! :smile:
  11. KellyB, Greentea, that sounds like fun, but I'd rather not...:shame: I guess everyone has different comfort levels on how much they want to share about themselves on the internet.
  12. I totally understand. It's simply a treat just to have seen your collection. :smile:
  13. the JPG is my favorite! such a great twist on a classic bag.
  14. thank you girls for all the advice! sorry i didnt' see your posts before submitting a question on hkstar's thread - so please ignore it.

    i will try and let you know! thanks again!:P
  15. I agree with gigi. I was offered a blue jean JPG before. However, it was rather awkward to me with my size and height. I looked sooo silly in that. However, it is still a fab bag and if someone is much taller, i would say go get it!!!!!!!!!!!