Hermes JPG Birkin

  1. Ive seen Birkin JPG in both normal leather and crocodile.. but doesn't come in ostrich?? anyone seen it or have a picture??

    Ive always thought that its way too long for me.. but i cant stop thinking about it!!! :s
  2. From what I've read in this forum, JPG birkins usually come in Clemence leather.. unless it's a special order.. I am sure it's going to look beautiful in ostrich.. especially bright colored one like vert anis or fuschia..

    It was actually the JPG birkin that made me plunge into the Hermes shopping spree although I've always appreciated the craftsmanship.. I am sure once u actually try out the bag on urself u will love it even more :smile: Another thing I've read around this forum is that the proportions look better if u r tall.. I'm 5'8 so i guess that's why it works.. :shame: Hope u get a chance to try one on in person and decide.. Good Luck :flowers:
  3. it can be ordered in ostrich BUT that is very rare (as are 40 cm regular ostrich birkins or crocs for that matter but croc is even easier) due to the fact that not a lot of the birds grow large enough to supply the leather
  4. ^^ Thanks ladies..

    Wafaya.. The problem is i will either have to wait for dubai boutique to bring one so that i can try it.. OR i wait till i go to paris in November.. i think i'll be more lucky there!! but i love the design and the cut.

    Lilach.. I think its nicer on crocodile like aspen jpg.. gorgeous!
  5. ok ladies, here's mine. sorry about the photo quality. much darker IRL, i just have no luck w/ digital cameras.:shrugs: it was taken on a sunny day & the mega flash went off (darn thing goes off when i don't want and doesn't when i do...:cursing: )


    btw, it's Rouge H clemence w/ GH.
  6. Very pretty, H-L!!
  7. aww, thank you.:shame: my "family" is so small (especially when compared to others on this thread...) but i absolutely love every member!
  8. ^^ love your JPG.. cant wait to get one :smile:

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. Thank you!:flowers: I LOVE :heart: my croc. JPG Birkin very much!!!!!:nuts: :love: