Hermes Josephine Baker Scarf?

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  1. HELLO Hermes Lovers!:heart:
    I must admit, I usually only post in the LV forum, but I occasionally find myself into the Hermes discussions.:graucho: I was hoping someone could provide me with a little more information on the new Josephine Baker scarf Hermes is making. I wanted to get it for my mom, but I haven't seen or heard much about it.:shrugs: Has anyone seen it? What does it look like? What colors does it come in? I'm just curious about the scarf, if anyone has any information I would be sooo happy!:love: THANKS:yahoo:
  2. OOOH...THANK YOU SOO MUCH! Thats EXACTLY what I was looking for!:nuts:
  3. I just bought the scarf at the Hermes Boutique in Westport, CT. It is outstanding in red, white, and orange. It was the only one that they got.