Hermes Jipsy 34 Bag?

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  1. Hi guys, new to the forum here but very excited I found it! I was perusing Ebay today looking for a new Hermes bag and stumbled upon a Black Leather Jipsy 34 bag. I have some questions regarding this bag and would love if some of you more experienced members could help me out.

    1) how does this bag compare size-wise to some of the new Birkins?
    2) is it too heavy to carry around town?
    3) what is a fair price to pay for an item like this?

    If any of you are curious, here is the ebay link, a bit pricey for me but I told myself I deserve to splurge AT LEAST once a year if the hubby gets to buy himself a new thing of golf clubs..:P

    Hermes Jipsy 34 Black Leather Bag Perfect Condition! - eBay (item 230358830782 end time Jul-26-09 01:34:39 PDT)
  2. anyone have any suggestions? i know the jipsy isn't as popular as the birkin but i took a liking to it nonetheless! just trying to figure out what i'm in for though
  3. You can find the Jipsy direct from Hermes stores. No need to resort to eBay and no need to pay premium.

    1) It's a great size for a messenger Birkin. A 30cm would be way too small, but 35cm probably wouldn't make a difference

    2) The weight is distributed. So I don't think you will feel it being heavy.

    3) Fair price is the store price WITHOUT reseller premium.
  4. thanks for the response!
  5. I have a gold jypsy in 34cm size. I plan on using it as a toddler bag and putting diapers, wipes, sippy cup, snacks, change of clothes, bibs and toys in it. I think that's about all it holds. It doesn't hold as much as my 35cm birkin. The jypsy is deceiving! Having said that, I really like the size on my body frame - i'm 5'4 and weigh about 125lbs. Somedays I love it and somedays I think it's more of a pain in my rump. It doesn't have "feet" on the bottom like my birkins and putting them on the floor is not an option - unless I want it mangled up. The strap is long and a bit fidgety. Messenger style is the only way to wear it. I could have more holes punched so that I can wear on shoulder. I'm traveling on tuesday and don't know if I should bring it along or not. I also have a shoulder birkin I think I'll use instead. I'm afraid that I'll sell the jypsy one of these days. So, I'll save you the trouble and tell you to get the shoulder birkin instead. I hope I'm helping and not confusing you more!!!! :smile:

    Forgot to mention that the jypsy is lighter than the shoulder birkin, which is a whopping 5 lbs w/o the lock and clochette.
  6. the jypsiere is relatively easy to find. if possible, i suggest that you go to a boutique and look at it in real life. the bag is "big" for what it can hold, meaning that the capacity is not very big, imho. in addition to the 34, there is a 37 size as well.

    it can be worn only messenger style although the strap is adjustable which is a plus for me. in my opinion, other than the locks, the jypsiere is in a different class altogether from a birkin although in boutique, it is priced very similar to the birkin.

    i think the price on this particular listing is very fair as we all know that other than birkin, the other H leather goods do not hold value as well.
  7. hanyeu, thank you very much! do you think this bag could be worn non-messenger style if I get more holes punched in it? or would the extra length need to be cut too to make it not look too floppy and large
  8. how would you not wear it messenger style? do you mean as a shoulder bag and not across the body? yes, then it is okay. i don't think there is any handle on it like a Kelly for you.

    unfortunately, i am unfamiliar with the 34 size but in general, the jypsiere is relatively structured as it is quite flat bodied and won't flop over like a birkin. as with all H, as a personal preference, i don't punch holes (even on my belts) anywhere, let alone cut the leather! :wtf:
  9. I owned a 34cm Jipsy briefly when they first came out. The bag doesn't hold as much as you might think. Some people do find it heavy, but others love it as a carryall type bag.

    I sold mine for somewhere in the $4k range, and it was in excellent condition, carried only a few times. If you are debating, I would suggest watching for pre-owned Jipsies in really good condition, as you can get them for about half the retail (mine was around $8k from the boutique with shipping).
  10. tbestes thanks for the response! that is basically what this auction looks like (8k retail receipt and starting bid of 4k). i think that is pretty reasonable, but we'll see.
  11. goodluck, post pics when you get one!
  12. thanks! bidding ends soon so hopefully i'll have some new pictures to show all you guys in a few days! thanks again for all the help
  13. just minutes!!! Yesss:P
  14. Did you get it?