Hermes Jige

  1. You are a much better photographer than I am-lol!
  2. Congrats ! We are twins on the Rose azalée jige ! It definitely calls for spring doesn't it ? And looking at etain close to it gives great ideas for an so ! I would love a k in etain with Rose azalée interior...
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  3. Awww. Thanks !!
  4. Hi Everyone, a month or so ago I was debating on purchasing the Jige in Indigo or Black. I went to Hermes today and happened to ask them if they had a Jige in either colour. They ended up having the Indigo! I saw it and wasn't so sure and ended up declining it!! For some reason it just felt so huge (I am used to smaller clutches) and I actually walked away and turned it down. Then I started to really think about it and I went back wearing a black dress just to see what it looked like against black, and I loved it!!! I just think it is interesting and almost looks like black anyways. So, introducing my new Jige Indigo. :smile:) IMG_4334.JPG IMG_4335.JPG
  5. indigo is such a lovely color, great choice
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  6. Thank you :smile: !!
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  7. Beautiful color! Congrats on your Jige, perfect neutral to your wardrobe.
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  8. Very nice color
    Glad you pick it up
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  9. Thank you ladies! I love coloured Jiges, but I really only want to buy one, and decided this would be the best way to go.!! Hand held purses/clutches make me nervous when they are light coloured, and I am almost always with my cute doggie. I want to use this jige without getting worried about it getting dirty with my hands and with my dog. I think it will just be easy to use and easy to wear.
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  10. That is so pretty, congrats "coconuts40" (love your username too:biggrin::biggrin:). Pls show model pic when you get chance, and enjoy the clutch.:angel::amuse:
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  11. IMG_1635.PNG Does anyone know where I can still get this color?
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  13. Very hard to come by. It's such a beautiful, chameleon color. There have been some that have scored glycine in FSH.
  14. I saw one time on Fashionphile, Plan to purchase afterwork, SOLD OUT :sad:
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