Hermes Jige

  1. Looking so fab on you dear TT.
  2. Another agate jige! Clapping for you!
  3. IMG_1963.JPG I posting my new Blue Agate Jige below my recent purchased Gold Jige. I am in love with these bags.
  4. Guess that is what I need to hear...Congrats and you have gorgeous collection.
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  5. Thank you !
  6. This picture is so lovely. The leathers look smooth and lush. Congratulations on these two beauties!
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  7. Beautiful collection! Congrats
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  8. These clutches look perfect and love the leather. The stiches on the cold are so beautiful
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  9. IMG_1492492707.793381.jpg IMG_1492492732.022549.jpg IMG_1492494118.756938.jpg
    Blue Agate Jige on Real Housewives
  10. So embarrassed...I had promised to post a picture of my Jige in malachite and totally forgot. So sorry! Here it is... IMG_1492516039.010247.jpg
  11. Picture does not do the color justice!
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  12. I love malachite so much!!!!!
  13. Yes you are right. The picture does not do the colour. But I saw it online before and it looks gorgeous! So I know this is a gorgeous looking jige!!
  14. Hope this photo will help.. IMG_1492527835.374082.jpg
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  15. I'm in love with jige. My first is etain and just got rose azalea.
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