Hermes Jige

  1. Love this color.....
  2. Oh! I didn't know you can do that! You made the jige brightened up!!
  3. Thank you ! I didn't know either ! The twilly was meant to be in my hair and i just didn't like my hairdo so i tied the twilly on the clutch and then realized i like it this way !
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  4. You look so gorgeous, TT!
  5. My first Jige, in Swift Noir! Also bought a couple of small accessories - Calvi in Blue Zanzibar and Silk'n in Feu. Couldn't resist adding my Bearn in Rouge Tomate for a family pic!
    IMG_3675.JPG IMG_3676.JPG
  6. You are going to think that i'm stalking this thread... didn't plan at all on this yesterday ... went shopping with a friend to get her a bag ... not me ... and my indigo jige attracted a more summerish twin... presenting my very new Rose azalee evergrain jige !! Very very différent from my usual style but. I feel ready for à change !! IMG_1490772654.797864.jpg
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  7. Sorry for the bad lighting...
  8. Beautiful Jige !!!
  9. Thank you !
  10. I bought a Jige in malachite about two weeks ago. I love the color! Brought it with me on vacation and was surprised at how versatile it was. I also bought a malachite clic clac at the same time,and those two in combination pulled many outfits together. When I fully unpack I will try and take a picture to post for you. It looked gorgeous with black, white, navy, denim... I am normally very neutral but found that I really liked the pop of color.
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  11. Gorgeous! Hope to be twins soon!
  12. You're so kind-thank you so much fur responding-sounds like its a winner! Love to see your photos :hbeat:
  13. Hope you will score one ! Let me know when you get it !!
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  14. This is so chic and terrific for pop color! Congrats!