Hermes Jewellery Collection 2006

  1. Has anyone purchased any white/yellow gold jewellery from Hermes?

    I was invited by my SA to view a jewellery collection that travels around the world for special orders. They had great pieces with diamonds set in gold and I ordered a yellow gold bangle with 'I 0' at the top (sorry, I dont recall what its called).

    What really caught my fancy were the tiny handbag charms/pendants which are encrusted with little diamonds in birkin, kelly, plume, bolide, etc. The pendant and chain cost approx. USD3900 and each charm is about the same price. My SA told me they carried this in plain silver last time but this is the first collection in white and yellow gold. However, she couldnt say if this was limited.

    I would appreciate if you can share any experience with a similar purchase and if it is worth the $$$ spent.
  2. I did see the Kelly ring in yellow gold. It is a new piece. It was quite nice and about $3000. I am not sure about how I feel about the price and the piece...I am sort of neutral. The piece was nice, but not sure if I would buy it at that price point.
  3. I'd love to see them! But I think I prefer charms like that to hang on my bag...or maybe on a charm bracelet.
  4. I have never purchased any jewellery from Hermes before but I've seen a nice gold bracelet at the store before. Sasa, listening from your description it sounds gorgeous!! You should buy it if you like them.
  5. Sasa, I have the bracelet you are talking about with all the bag charms. Although it's a bit pricey since the charms are sold seperately, it is really cute on! :love:
  6. That's gorgeous!!
  7. Doesn't make me drool.imo:huh:
  8. omg - that's so decadent... i absolutely love the idea of the charm bracelet - esp. with diamond pendants of a birkin & kelly.. *drool* so so cute!
  9. Someone can correct me if this information is incorrect but I was told by my SA that the same manufacturer who made jewelries for Hermes also makes jewelries for Cartier.
  10. not sure but i do know that the high end boutiques tend to share the same resources (e.g. cartier, boucheron, bulgari, tiffany's, etc.) for their stones...
  11. I don't know about this at all.

    Btw, love Cartier Tank and its jewellery collection. LOveeee' the love bracelet!! :heart:
  12. Twigz, I'm so envious. The charm bracelet is gorgeous especially with all that glitter.

    Khoi, the charms are similar to the pendants in your attached web except they are slightly larger and encrusted with diamonds. The attention to detail is amazing for something so small.
  13. It is Hermes after all ;)
  14. I think Hermes' jewelry is exquisite and gorgeous! However, am I the only person on this board who isn't into jewelries (of any kind) at all? I mean, I don't care for diamonds, gold or silver. Am I just abnormal or something?