Hermes Items Under $500

  1. Seeing that Halloween is coming up (hey maybe that's why there's been a flood of orange ostrich lately) and that means the holiday is just around the corner, I think this may come in handy for some of us who are considering buying Hermes for family members, friends, or coworkers. Most of us are familiar with the cost of bags, small leather goods, and scarves, but what about other items? When it comes to the special little something for coworkers, most of us probably want to keep the budget under wraps. I think it'll be a good idea if we can list the items that are $500 and under in this post. I know I'm always too embarrassed to ask my SA how much something is or what can I buy for a certain price range.
  2. Well......scarves, twilly's, SOME gloves, Cadena's, SOME small leather goods like the Ulysses agenda, bracelets, ties, pocket squares..........????

    that's all I can think of at the moment, Kou.
  3. colognes and perfume sets (sets with twillys and pocket squares, body cream etc. - great for giftgiving!).....all under $ 500. :flowers:
  4. Here's my list. These are U.S. prices:

    Hermse clic-clac H Bracelet: $455 to $480 (depending on size)
    Hermes Enamel Bracelet: $395 to $440 (excluding the huge jumbo size ones)
    Hermes Scarf: $320
    Hermes Plisse Scarf: $380
    Hermes Kelly Watch Strap: $340 (for regular leather)
    Hermes Ostrich/Lizard Watch Strap: $380
    Hermes Jumbo Bracelet: $220
    Hermes Jumbo Necklace: $220
    Hermes Lock Charm: Under $400 (depending on style and year)
    Hermes Pocket Squares: $100
    Hermes Ties: $145
    Hermes Rings: $125 to $165 (depending on material)
    Hermes Twilly: $115
  5. Ladies, if you have the official name of these items, can you please list them here as well? For example, if there're certain agendas that fit within the criteria, would you please name the name of the agenda, the size, and the type of leather as well as the price as you remembered? Thanks.

    What I found is that Hermes does have a slew of items that are even UNDER $300:nuts: !!! It's just that SAs usually don't tell you and you kind of come across it by chance.
  6. i am known for giving sets containing a carre and parfume to my employees or social friends and they all love it as i try to match the designs of the carré to their interests or likings
  7. The GM agenda is $305 - pretty close!
  8. Oooh, that sounds lovely!! :love:
  9. Great idea, Lilach!!!!
  10. thanks D: and KOU :flowers: you know i love to give presents away that are not only beautiful but useful too.
  11. That is truly the way to go:yes: I hope you don't mind if I start bugging you on gift ideas in the future.:nuts:
  12. ohhh :smile: anyone seen pictures of the hermes rings, jumbo bracelet? Thanks for coming up with this thread kou!
  13. my pleasure . the thing i found out long time ago the very personal (still useful)gifts are the best as when the receipent gets older most likely he has everything (regarding household etc) or could buy al the"neccessary things" himself so "unusual" gift with thoughts put in are most of the time better then an expensive kitchen machine vase etc :lol:
  14. some china as well! :love:
  15. List them list them!! I'm sure i'm not the only person who is too timid to ask my SAs about prices:lol: