Hermes items in auction at Christies

  1. my husband's boss told me about this thought you might firn it interesting:

    (watch out for the 17.5% VAT added to final sale price though!)

  2. can someone educate me on the exchange rate of a dollar to british pounds????? great stuff!!!:love:
  3. Pazt, right now $1 USD= .52 pound or 1 pound essentially converts to $2 USD--so you can just double the price; it ain't good. To find the most current rates or to convert, just use the link below. Calculators
  4. thanks, orchids. *geez*
  5. I know--it's so depressing how weak the $ is right now.
  6. Exactly, pazt. I won't even buy lipstick there if I can help it. The exchange rate kills everything.

  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. thanks!
  9. but the exhange rate is good if you are buying from the US (sorry guys!)
  10. thanks for this Prada!!! Somebody PLEASE get that black box Bolide! And bring me the Rocabar blanket ;)!
    I find their pricing quite odd though... a Kelly in a non-exotic leather priced at between 5 and 7K GBP!
  11. Is it frozen? I don't understand this site...
  12. What am I doing wrong- I cannot get it to work either???
  13. Try again, it's on and off.BTW, the 17,5% VAT is not charged on the Hammer price but on the buyer's premium.
  14. Whoa! I finally managed to get onto the site.

    Never mind the Hermes. Has anyone checked out the silver and the furniture in the same lot? That stuff is TDF. OMG! :heart: :drool: