Hermes is popping up EVERYWHERE in my life!!

  1. So I was doing some last minute cramming for my GMAT exam today and was brushing up on the writing section and I thought I fell asleep while studying because I was suddenly reading about Hermes.


    I re-read it again. Yep, there it is, the author of the book (This is a Princeton Review guide) used Hermes as an example of being a unique business and not compromising itself. Unfortunately, they called them an "Italian leathergoods designer" instead of French. Oh well, still the MOST interesting paragraph I've ever read that is related to ETS!! :wlae:
  2. It certainly makes studying interesting if you find things like that. Good luck for your GMAT!
  3. Question is, if something about Hermes does pop up in your GMAT paper, do you give the answer that it's a French house or do you say it's from Italy :roflmfao:
  4. :p
  5. Hum...makes studying difficult. Good luck.
  6. HOpe you get that one on the real test! Good luck!
  7. Weird. But in a good way in a somewhat related note OK and Us Weekly this week have Hermes items both have the Kelly Double tour..........and this month's Vogue has a layout with a boat with numerous H items.....yummmmmmm
  8. OT: I Was Reading One Of The Scarf Tying Threads. I Had Lefyt On One Of The Lifetime Channels (The Movie I Was Watching Was Over). There Was A Show (I don't Know The Name...New Attitudes?) With Part On Scarves & Folding ~ I Went To Look & They Had A Hermes Rep. Showing Different Looks (I Was To Late To Tape Or Tivo). But, I Quickly Looked & It Was From 1998. It Was Great!
  9. Liz! How Cool Was That ~ You Got That!!! Best Of Luck:flowers:
  10. Trick question MrsS.. :roflmfao: