Hermes Introducing Unique Replacement Bag Straps!!

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  1. May I ask what size was this strap listed as? I am hesitant to purchase preloved straps because I never know which size is the standard. I would want to use on my Evelyne TPM (and if I’m lucky on a K In the future). Thanks :smile:
  2. Since I’ve obviously gone crazy with the bag straps I thought I’d post mine so you can see the size difference. They are 70cm, 85cm and 105cm. The all black strap is the one from my Evelyn tpm so you can see it is almost the same length as the 105cm strap. I also posted my strap with the mini hooks so you can see the difference in hook size. 2EEE2CAE-C4F3-492B-91C8-E6B7DAD0A5A0.jpeg 910572BF-8FA1-48AE-812A-97A66E94AFEC.jpeg 5135B879-73F8-40CB-ABBE-B20A8BD6502D.jpeg
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  3. Thank you!! This is SO helpful!
    Are you saying most straps have normal/standard sized hooks *unless* you specifically select one with “mini” hooks?
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  4. I think so. Most of mine were bought online except for the one with the tiny hooks and the leather one. I don’t really ever recall seeing the ones with the small hooks in the online store. My friend did accidentally by one with the mini hooks at the boutique but that’s just because her SA didn’t notice they were the tiny hooks so she had to exchange it.
  5. Awesome, thank you :smile: I will be much less worried bout buying preloved / online now!

    You have all the straps I've wanted - thank you for sharing!
  6. So helpful, thank you!
  7. You very welcome! :smile:
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  8. I am sorry I don't have the regular Sangle Cavale strap to compare so I can't tell. Thank you BalLVLover to have answered the question. thanks.
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  9. 4FA6E67F-D3A3-476E-9F01-D31BE2E7B295.jpeg
    just got a narrow size sangle cavale 70cm strap for my black swift K28.
  10. I need inspiration. Which bag strap would work best with an etoupe k28 ghw? :confused1:
  11. Crossbody or shoulder? Matchy or contrasty? Sporty or elegant? Retourne or sellier?
  12. Crossbody, retourne... I am open to all the other options! I want to see pictures of you have any?
  13. Absolutely love my Galop strap. Elevates my vintage kelly and renders it so comfortable to carry now!
  14. First strap I like!
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  15. i have the exact same question! I have an etoupe k32 sellier, and i find it really hard to get a matching strap! Not that many colors would go well with etoupe.