Hermes Introducing Unique Replacement Bag Straps!!

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  1. Just got this lovely small Sangle Cavale Bleu Encre in 85 cm:
    IMG_6685.jpg IMG_6688.jpg
  2. Hi! What length would be good for crossbody? I have k25, k28 and k32. I bought a strap online and unfortunately I can’t try it on my bags because I can’t remove the plastic on it. I got the 105 length in black and white ghw. Also, how do you guys feel about mixing the hardware?

    Posting some photos below


    Strap with Gris T ghw


    Strap with Gris M phw
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    I don’t mix hardware personally. In store they peel it back to try it on the bags and then pull it back over. How tall are you? I’m 5’6 and 105 is crossbody for me
  4. 105 is cross body for me too. I would go with the narrower strap for the smaller kellys. I would not mix hardware either.
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  5. I'm 5.6" also, and just purchased 105cm for my K28. I don't mix hardware for these straps either. I have one strap for my GHW kelly, and another for my PHW Kelly.
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  6. Even if you can't attach the strap to your bag, can't you put the strap ove your shoulder to get some idea if the length would work for you. There is quite a difference between the sizes.

    I like the strap itself with both the colours of your bags, but the pictures show clearly that mixing the hardware is not really a good thing to do.
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  7. Thank you so much for all your insights! I’m 5’4, I think this will work crossbody for me. I tried putting the strap over me and the bags and i agree that mixing hardware is a no no. Il be on a lookout for a phw that will match the colors I have
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  8. Lala do you know if the smaller hooks will fit the mini Halzan as well? I got the one with smaller hook by accident and don’t own any mini k or mini bolide but have been eyeing the halzan.

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  9. Lala28 what do you use the 105 length with the most please? I just got some tressage cuir ones and am wondering if it would be too long to use with my kelly 28...
  10. Could you please share some modeling pics if you have one please? Trying to decide if the 105 is the right length thanks so much!
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  11. Sorry to be dense here but which size fits the Evelyne TPM? I am considering an alternate strap and now worried the clasps won’t fit. I thought the TPM would take the smaller clasps but maybe not? Here’s one I’m looking at just as an example... thanks for helping clarify!
  12. Gorgeous! Do you share photos of your bag combos? Would love to see :smile:
  13. 77593495-CE21-4A8A-89D3-E81218664517.jpeg 424BF736-6310-4E62-8C82-34E7B68B49D1.jpeg

    Hi all, I just received this Hermes tressage shoulder strap which I bought from an online reseller. I just found that the clasps are smaller than the regular ones and I checked through this thread and realized this is for mini Kelly and mini bolide, but does anyone know if this small clasps will fit K25? Tks
  14. I remember trying it in the past, and it didn't work for me. I think it's possible but you'll likely scratch the hardware when you squeeze it on and it will for sure be a struggle to take off if you manage to hook it on.
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  15. oh i see, thank you very much...:smile: