Hermes Introducing Unique Replacement Bag Straps!!

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  1. 8938268C-F0F0-4B93-BA66-2BDC8C0B38E9.jpeg

    Here is the label. It’s similar to what Monique1004 posted except mine is a 50mm and ghw. I hope this helps!
  2. Hi! I am thinking of purchasing one of Hermes’s sangle cavale bag straps and am wondering for those of you who have owned one (or multiples), how are the straps holding up? Recently I’ve seen photos of Dior’s straps looking a bit beaten up and with pilling along the edges, and I’m a bit concerned that Hermes’s non-leather straps will end up the same after some uses. Thanks!
  3. There's a bag strap thread
    You can read/find information there
  4. It's a fair question for anything with that manner of decoration. I would hope that if you were unfortunate to have a problem, Hermes would rectify it.