Hermes Introducing Unique Replacement Bag Straps!!

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  1. this looks so amazing!! definitely gives the kelly a great look!
  2. Finally found a strap that goes with my bags. The ability to wear the kelly crossbody is a game changer for me, and the picos can now be hands free!! Black Epsom with blue encre and ghw. My pico is blue nuit, it goes quite nicely. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  3. This is perfect!! Is it 105 lenght? I keep going back and forth about the pico, this pic is swaying me to put it back on my list.
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  4. Yes! 105. I LOVE the pico 18, I have 3. They are such great casual bags, and now with the strap option it’s even better! Hoping to get a gold and red version with ghw to use on my other two (gold ghw and rouge casaque ghw) [​IMG]
  5. I love this too and my next bag will be a Pico 18. Love that I can stow the strap inside and have the crossbody option
  6. Finally found one I like. Bleu zellige/Indigo/Noir in 105.

  7. I also just picked one up in GHW. :smile:
  8. I haven't seen this combo yet!
  9. Love this!! Is your Kelly a 25? And also how tall are you? Wondering if this will fit me the same. I am 5’6”
  10. Hi Monique,
    Love your strap!!
    Can you share the item code please so I can ask my SA to locate one for me?
    Thanks much
  11. Sure.
  12. Are these available in boutiques? Mine only had an 80 studded. My SA didn't know about longer ones.
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  14. Very nice! Could you please post the name of the color in the border? It looks brownish or reddish and i can't tell which.
  15. Sorry for the late response. I’m not sure of the color name of the border. It looks white and brown (the brown does have a slight reddish color to it).