Hermes Introducing Unique Replacement Bag Straps!!

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  1. Happy to share my new 105 woven leather strap. Now i can wear my bolides and kelly crossbody with a cool and comfy steap that gives a fresh look too.
    DA912D2B-387A-4383-954F-537DD9088AFD.jpeg 9DB71CF9-6457-4004-93EA-32289F87D5A2.jpeg 098B2BD4-CA93-4557-8872-3036DB2843F8.jpeg
  2. Here is my studded replacement strap. It’s a 70 cm one so it makes my Kelly more dressy but edgy carrying it on the shoulders.

  3. I love the edge on this!!!!
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  4. Thank you :smile:
  5. Hi lala! Do you remember from which H site you took this screen shot? I’m looking for the Noisette/noir/noir strap, my SA did a search with no luck. Have you seen one in the US?

  6. It was up on the US site one day last week.
  7. I want to do that with my Kelly, too
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  8. Thank you for the heads up. Did you happen to get the reference number? I’ve been checking and I see the other combos but I missed this one.

  9. I didn’t. I check everyday because after waiting for the multicolor to hit the store I’ve continhed to miss it by waiting.
  10. I soooooo want one of these straps! Thank you for providing the details on the measurements. Is it possible to take a modeling pic? I am unsure if I want this length or the 85 length for shoulder carry. Thank you!
  11. Both widths are currently available on the Canadian site. I took a screenshot with the reference number in view. The last two digits refers to the length of the strap. CK is phw while CC is for ghw. Hope your SA will be able to help you locate one with those info. :smile:
    ShoulderStrap00.png ShoulderStrapNoisette.png
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  12. I was trying to figure out why I loved these straps so much. And then I realized I have a Valentino with a similar strap. [​IMG]
  13. Thank you WeN84!!!!
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  14. :yw: Hope you'll share pics of it when you find one! :smile:
  15. this looks so amazing!! definitely gives the kelly a great look!