Hermes Introducing Unique Replacement Bag Straps!!

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  1. IMG_3993.jpg
  2. Trying on 85cm strap with Pico 22. But the black one was gorgeous. Telling my SA that I need BBK with GHW first, before the strap. :smile: Still waiting for the 105cm because I want to use it for crossbody. FYI I'm 5'4"
    IMG_2154.jpg IMG_2149.jpg
  3. Will this strap come in 105 eventually?
  4. Just got my wisdom teeth pulled, but I'm a little obsessed with the canvas strap!

  5. Is it difficult to find these straps in stores? Just wondering
  6. For my store, they never put them out on display so you can only see them through an SA & also has plenty leather ones but never the weaved ones that I’m waiting on forever. I see the new leather ones recently pop up on occasionally.
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  7. Thanks! I am interested in a weaved one also! Guess I will just have to wait as well.....
  8. These straps are on now!
  9. Is this strap (or any of these straps) shorter than the standard Kelly Sellier 25 strap? I don’t like the standard length because I feel the bag bounces off my body and would LOVE a shorter strap.

    (I don’t wear bags crossbody, so that’s not a solution for me)
  10. There are 2 different straps in my pictures. The one on my shoulder is the tri-color Epsom leather one in 85cm length. The bottom one is 105cm length. I believe these are the 2 variations in length the custom straps come in. I'm 5'4" FYI. I don't own Kelly 25 so I don't know how long the strap is.
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  11. Thank you very much. I think the Kelly strap is a bit longer than the 85.
  12. I love the casual vibe of the canvas strap against a classic box Kelly !! Hope that you're feeling better now. I know what it feels like !!
  13. Eeeeek sooo gorgeous!!!
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  14. I love this with the Pico! Adds a new level of practicality
  15. Here is 25 in the 105 length on both a halzan and an Evelyne. I prefer the 50 size honestly. I like wider.
    CCCB33F2-2F22-4053-8DCE-20201760F9F1.jpeg 9CE526A7-A4DA-4901-AFDA-A2B7EDF46864.jpeg
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