Hermes Introducing Unique Replacement Bag Straps!!

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  1. Even though the hardware color doesn’t match, here’s the mini dog strap on my black Evelyne GM... IMG_1530.JPG

  2. Yes :yes:, it never hurts to ask.

    What does SM stand for?

    :hbeat: Yes you helped me again :happydance:

    Thank you
  3. SM stands for store manager
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  4. Thank you for posting! I need one of these straps!
  5. They are 16mm wide.
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  6. Wow! This really added a nice edgy look on your bag. How long is your strap? Thanks for sharing.
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  7. I loved my gris asphalte mini dog strap so much that I asked my friend who was traveling in Paris to grab me a black one!

    Here she’s is paired with my recently acquired vintage k20 from 1996!

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  8. This one is 70cm! Standard size is 85cm for k28 but I opted for a tiny bit shorter version so the bag is less swingy on my shoulder.
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  9. I like how you made this little vintage jem more edgy with the strap. Perfect combo!
  10. IMG_7911.JPG IMG_7910.JPG I got a couple of new straps this week and I'm having so much fun! The first is 105cm long 25mm wide in Bleu Encre/Brique/Noir. It will be nice for autumn and winter and makes my Swift Noir Bolide 27 the perfect cross body bag.
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  11. IMG_7914.JPG IMG_7912.JPG The second one is also 25mm wide, but is 85 cm long so I can make my Jypsiere 28 and my little Barenia Picotin 18 into shoulder bags. It's definitely more spring/summer feeling, but I'm going to use it anytime I need a smile because the colors make me happy.
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  12. ED1BDA6D-5C91-4D81-9F01-0F00FFD649AA.jpeg Finally! And thanks to My TPF friends who have helped in the the wider strap and the casual vibe
  13. Love this! I want a black with gold studs. Is it available in the US?
  14. Yes I saw it today in a US store. I got the phw one to match my noir Kelly with phw
  15. Thank you! I want one with GHW
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