Hermes Introducing Unique Replacement Bag Straps!!

May 29, 2007
This may be 'old news'; my SM told me that Hermes is introducing Purse Straps!! Apparently, the straps will be 'unique' and be available in 3 lengths (shoulder strap, medium length, and cross body). I didn't see pictures, however, was told that they would be a different design than any of the straps that are on current bags. Has anyone seen one IRL or a photo? How much do you think they will cost?? I have paid between 800. -- 2K for Hermes straps. I'm imagining that the straps will be multicolored?! How much would you pay for a 'unique' strap to jazz up your Kelly or Bolide?


May 15, 2016
I have seen some striped, multicolor canvas straps on a couple of Evelyne bags that were on display in my store (SF) recently. I inquired about it but the SA did not know much about the new straps or their price. They did look really good though and I am tempted to get one for my Evelyne.


Jan 20, 2007
Treasure Tower
The shoulder straps are for Fall/Winter 2017 so no one has seen the actual product outside of the SM/SA who went for the PO. I suspect we will start seeing more pics when H has their press events. It has been mentioned here and here. :smile:

From what little I know, it'll come in 3 different versions - canvas, leather, and leather with embellishment. I was told the leather version has a tab? where one can have initials monogrammed to it. The leather with embellishment is made of box leather with studs/grommets and is a little on the heavy side.
Jan 15, 2011
Pre-fall runway showed almost all bags with contrast straps - mostly canvas straps, solid or striped, very much like the Amazone straps on Evies. The exceptions were the print-handle Kellys.

I really hope there aren't a bunch of Fendi strap clones. That seems like pandering to a trend. Doing Rocabar stripe or similar seems more H IMO.