Hermes Instant this too much $$$?

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  1. I learned today that the American Express Centurion concierges have a broker where I can get a Birkin right away -- in the color, size and hardware I want. If I order it today, it will be in my hot, little hands tomorrow.

    However, the price is DOUBLE the retail price -- $13,750 plus shipping. Is this too ridiculous to spend? It's not really a matter of being able to afford it; I look at it more like if I get it through the store (which I know can be a long, tedious wait), I could get two for the same amount of money.

    What would y'all do?
  2. I checked into this too, and from what I could tell, I think they buy them through resellers. Just FYI.

    But I am all about instant gratification, that's for sure...I personally would wait a reasonable amount of time for either my boutique to come up with one, or buy one from a reputable reseller myself and forgo the middleman (and maybe save $1,000 to as much as $3,000 in the process).
    Unless you want a super hard to find bag, that is.
  3. I would wait, hunt, and enjoy the process.
  4. I just saw a Birkin on eBay for like $3000 less than that, and it was definitely authentic and, yeah. I personally would either wait, or pay a little more than retail--but not double! Youch!
  5. i think that is CDL who works with Amex, which will explain the double price. which birkin is it, a special combination? if that is the case maybe it is worth it to get it now, but if it is a more regular one then you could find it from one of the recommended sellers on the lists here. best wishes that you find your bag!
  6. I couldn't agree more. I think that's too much to pay. Besides, part of the fun is the hunt and the wait. You tend to appreciate your bag so much more.
  7. I agree too-the price is very high, but u would be missing out on the joy the process.
  8. It's much cheaper to go into NYC, buy some bracelets in the Wall Street store and forge a relationship with an SA that will call you when the time you'll have nice bracelets to wear with your new bag!
  9. I think you could contact CdL or other resellers and probably get a better price?
  10. I like the thrill of the chase!
  11. ^^^ me too!
  12. ^^^^ Not me. :p But I'm also kind of cheap and would never pay double retail.
  13. If the only thing you're interested in buying from Hermes is that one Birkin, a reseller would be the way to go. However, the price from AMEX is really high, and I agree that you'd be able to find the Birkin from CDL or luxwear yourself for cheaper (unless it is truly special, like the others have said).
  14. Wow, thanks for all the responses. I am a little disappointed, I guess I was hoping everyone would say, "Go for it!" LOL

    The bag I want is a 35 cm chocolate togo with gold hardware. Not so rare.

    Anyway, the hunt is on...thanks for all the help.
  15. Never fear! You will find it--and hopefully not have to pay both an arm and a leg and most of the hair on your head for it. ;)

    (ps I think there is nothing at all wrong with paying *more* than retail, and I think CDL can command her prices because of her reputation, authenticity, and immediate shipping. I personally as a buyer just can't bring myself to do it, though!)