Hermes in video

  1. that's ggrreeaatt Sumisu:yahoo:

    Thanks for sharing!
  2. fabulous, thanks for sharing.
  3. Those are fabulous! Thank you!
  4. Thanks so much for sharing! My husband had seen this on the fashion file, and as I entered home from shopping, was excited to tell me what I had just missed on television. So glad I caught it here!
  5. Wow, that was wonderful! Thank you so much, Sumisu for sharing that with us!
  6. Ooooh, thanks! :tup: That was fun to watch!
  7. Thanks for sharing these!!! VERY interesting....
  8. Thank you so much for posting that. Very interesting!!!
  9. Cool
  10. Fantastic. Amazing. Thanks you.

    I loved watching them sew a bag together.
  11. interesting. thannks for posting!:tup:
  12. I really enjoyed this, thanks so much for posting.
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