Hermes in Vanity Fair

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  1. There is a fabulous long article with great pictures in Vanity Fairs September Style Issue. I cannot get my scanner to work unfortunately -- does someone else have the magazine??

    Here's some of my favorites -

    "What is it about Hermes? If you can say one thing, what is it? And he [Dumas] said to me, 'Herme is different because we are making a product that we can repair." It's so simple."
    "Dumas himself pooh-poohed the term 'luxury' disliking its arrogance, its hind of decadence. He preferred the word, 'refinement," and intrinsic to that refinement is what Hermes won't do. It does not boast, does not use celebrities in advertising, does not license its name, does not let imperfect work leave the atelier (imperfect work is destroyed), does not gets its head turned by trends."

    Please someone scan this great article!!
  2. Great article, thank you!
  3. Thanks Aminamina for posting the article. Can anyone scan the other photographs??
  4. I thought the pictures were divine! I don't have a scanner today (still home sick with mystery throat infection). Someone needs to post the pages!!

    BTW, it's the Vanity Fair with Giselle on the cover. I think the next issue comes out in a few days.
  5. i think i have this one, i'll try to scan tomorrow.
  6. "Dumas himself pooh-poohed the term 'luxury' disliking its arrogance, its hind of decadence."

    Love that!