Hermes in the DUTY FREE, airport list!

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  1. I can't seem to find listings for Hermes located in airports.

    I would SO much rather peruse (and abuse - my bank account lol) Hermes while waiting for flights.

    I have heard girls mention darting in shops I never knew existed. Can we can make a master list for gals stuck away from home that would rather stare at a scarf than another bookshop? LoL

    Please post if you know of one, what they had by way of inventory?
  2. hmmm, if they sold Hermes at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, I would sooo be hanging out at the airport from now on!
  3. JFK airport and The Queen Mary II have Hermes stores
  4. You can find "stand alone" Hermes duty free under the store locator section on the H website.

    As for Hermes counter w/in a duty free -
    SFO, LAX
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  5. Singapore Intl Changi Airport Terminal 2 has one too :biggrin:
  6. Thanks lots - a counter is enough! Especially if your H bag needs a bit of sparkle on a trip! :heart:
  7. YVR- Vancouver international airport Canada

    Hermes store
  8. Tokyo. Narita airport has an Hermes store.
  9. Hong Kong International Airport
  10. Great thread!!
  11. I saw one in Heathrow airport (London) was an actual Hermès mini store.
  12. Holy Sh*T. LAX and JFK have Hermes???? I have a four hour stopover in LAX before flying to JFK in April....uh oh.......
  13. GF: LAX one is a dinky fun. You might find some scarves there though!

  14. And there are three other stores ( besides JFK) within 2.5 hours drive time from Madison ( Greenwich CT is just a counter, but still...scarves!!!)
  15. I was in one in 1999 at the Lisbon Airport.
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