Hermes in the Cowboy Bar

  1. My DH and I don't have much social life, as we work all the time, but we are regulars in the bar in our little mountain town (pop. 125) Last Saturday night, we were there, and a woman came racing across the bar, and grabbed my wrists, and shrieked, Nice Hermes! (I had a bangle on each wrist) I laughed and told her I never thought I'd hear that word uttered allowed in Pony, MT-she was from out of town. So, kudos to Hermes for getting recognized in a little old dark, smoky bar with Waylon Jennings on the jukebox!
  2. That's great, it must have made your night even more fun! :party:
  3. Lisavet8 ~ great story. It always seems to be that when you least expect it H is recognized.
  4. That's hilarious!
  5. Yeehaw!!! I gotta take rock 'em sock 'em Kelly to a cowboy bar...she feels deprived...
  6. LMAO!!!!! I LOVE this story!!!!
  7. The only thing I ever had happen was a couple of girls in the Galleria grabbed my Massai and said "That sure is a funny looking purse. Uuggly." (ugly had at least 5 syllables.)

    Your story's much better.
  8. Hee Hee!!!
  9. LOL that's awesome :nuts:
  10. that is very funny! i do the same thing if i don't think first, ooh what a beautiful hermes purse!!!

    gga i cannot believe anyone would say how ugly a purse is, they obviously are in dire need of an etiquette book and a little style LOL.
  11. liza, awesome story!! Sometimes it's the unexpected that is the most fun. :smile:
  12. Oh, that's cute! You're way ahead of me..... I live in a town of a couple hundred thousand and so far no one has recognized my H items yet and I wear at least one H item every day.
  13. LOVE that story!!!
  14. Funny story! Love it.
  15. Great story!