Hermes in St. Tropez =)

  1. We were recently there (in June) and were just before the high season. No one was in town (except for a few billion dollar yachts =) and came across the Hermes store. It wasn't opened but thought you would enjoy the photos.




  2. Lovely pics, Rally. Thank you for posting! :flowers:

    It looks like a big store, a building by itself...
  3. Rally! Those pics are fabulous! Thank you for sharing with us! You look great in St. Tropez!
  4. Rally, thank you, lovely pics
  5. Can we start a thread that shows pics only of Hermes all over the world???

    The St. Tropez one is awesome, standing all alone like a regal Queen.
  6. Rally, thanks for sharing your photos. :smile: I love the architecture.
  7. There is a shopping street, with Gucci, Prada, Dior, YSL, Bulgari, (didn't see Chanel) etc. and local boutiques (to die for!) and we shopped there, and then walked back to the harbor, and came across this building. Three stories! There were employees inside but they ignored us when we knocked on the door =) It was about noon so we don't know when they opened. Lots of scarves and porcelain in the windows. . . . . . in our entire trip we never saw a free standing store like this, for any brand (and that included Athens, Rome, Marseilles, Aix, Nice, and a few other places =) Notice how "Hermes" is carved into the top of the building. Like it had been there for years and years. . . . .
  8. Fabulous. I can just feel that warm Mediterranean sun!
  9. GREAT PICS!!! Thank you for sharing, Rally! It looks so nice!*sigh* Wish I was there!
  10. Thank you for the lovely description, Rally! Yes, I noticed the "Hermes" carved on top of the building...very nice! :heart: And freaking three stories!!! :drool: I will go ga-ga if I step into a H store like this! :happydance::choochoo::lol::wacko:

    Sounds like you're having a wonderful holiday visiting places!!! :wlae:
  11. I've been inside! Its beautiful and everyone is extremely chic and gracious.
  12. Rally you are so chic! You look so pulled together! Thanks for posting the photos. What an idylic spot...
  13. OOOH..this is a FAB idea! Has it been done here yet?? I plan to visit them all before I'm done here! I know one scarf collector, she and her husband plan their trips around the boutiques they haven't visited yet! (I think they've been to most by now :smile: )

    Rally, thank you so much for the great photos of St. Tropez, Hermes and of YOU, lovely lady! Your trip sounds like a dream... :heart:
  14. Thanks for the pictures, Rally. You look great!

    Katel, that sounds like a wonderful idea!
  15. Rally, thanks for those photos, I was there a couple of years ago, bought a braclet in H and had a coffee in the café outside, thanks for bringing back those memories. Must try and get back there this summer...